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Utah/VA Conceal Carry Course + Florida Permit Option

Herndon - Private Course

Thursday, May 27th - 5:30pm-9:30pm
Optional Range Time for Florida Permit ($75) -
   Schedule during Class Time

This classroom-based concealed carry course, will allow you to apply for your Utah Non-Resident Concealed Firearm Permit, which is valid in over 30 states, and also includes Virginia if needed and Florida Permit option.  *Note for VA residents: No existing permit is needed to take this course, however, UT requires a VA Resident Permit prior to submitting.  You will have 1 year from the course date to submit your Utah Non-Resident application so if you do not yet have VA Permit you will have time to obtain with the course completion certificate you will receive in this course.  You can choose to submit one or all of the applications after completion of the training.

The course is taught by NRA certified & Utah BCI certified firearm instructors who regularly train Law Enforcement, FBI, Homeland Security and Military.  Course instruction includes the following topics:  handgun safety rules, handgun parts and operation, ammunition, fundamentals of shooting, malfunctions, safe firearms handling, U.S. federal firearms regulations, practical and a comprehensive legal portion with strategies to help protect you criminally and civilly. 

Date:  Thursday, May 27th, 2021

Time:  5:30pm - 9:30pm

Location:  Hyatt Place Herndon/Dulles, 13711 Sayward Blvd, Herndon, VA 20171


Cost:  $100.00 * - Special Discounted Price

   *(Additional Florida Permit Cost $75 live fire.  Ammunition and Range Fee Not Included

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