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 Smart Defense 
 Personal Safety, Certifications,  Permits, 
 Active Shooter and Crime Prevention Training

Introducing our new Active Shooter Prevention Program

The educational approach to personal safety

Empowering men and women by providing Prevention and Personal Safety Strategies, 

along with a newfound confidence in their own security through obtainable tools, 

real-life application and TRAINING. Regularly training FBI, Homeland Security, Law Enforcement and Military, our academy offers diverse but realistic approaches, including cutting-edge and effective strategies for high-level marksmanship.






[ Firearms Training ]

Including Marksmanship


High-Level Training for Civilians, Military, Law Enforcement and Agencies.

[ High-Level Agency

& Corporation Staff Training]


Personal Safety and Empowerment Training for Corporations, Groups, and Organizations.

Armored Village 

[School Safety | Corporations | Churches

Active Shooter]


Decreasing Assault Statistics and mitigating active shooter risk one location at a time.  #ProtectMyBrother

[ Domestic Violence and Personal Safety ]


Domestic Violence Avoidance or Current Situation Training and Support.

[ Videos ]


Personal Safety and Awareness Training Videos.

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Recommended Personal Safety and Conceal Carry Products.

Thank you so much. Having the opportunity to attend the Hand gun qualification course / Utah concealed carry class  was very  informative and I  truly appreciated the way that you presented all of your material. Truly, I don’t think I would feel half so confident or prepared for what is to come if I had not taken the courses I have with you. Your academic expectations on safely using a handgun and your clarity in explaining your requirements were both welcome and inspiring. Thank you for helping me reach a different, and higher, level of knowledge than I have been able to attain thus far! I wish you much success in the upcoming year. I know that anyone  taking your course  will have an incredibly rich and satisfying educational experience with you to guide them. Sincerely and with much gratitude,”


- E. Davis 

Train the Trainer, after 38 years of Law Enforcement training, having been a certified trainer myself

at the U.S. Army Military Police Academy "DBMP" Attending courses

at The Federal Law Enforcement Training, FLETC, Jody's class stands out on top of all the training I've received in my

career and I've been to many.

- Calvin Martin

I have learned more from Jody Maki and GirlOnFre than in my entire Law Enforcement career and years using firearms.  I cannot overstate enough the value of the knowledge I have received from this instructor.  Outstanding.

Robert Hanley

While serving in the military (75th Ranger Regiment) and as a federal law enforcement officer (Federal Air Marshal) I have been fortunate to train with some of the best instructors/trainers in the world.  Jody rates right up there with the best.  Not only was taking her course worth my money it was more importantly worth my time.  If you can get in to one of her classes count yourself fortunate because no matter your experience level you will be better for it.  - John T.

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