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Certification Courses


Conceal Carry Courses, NRA Certification Courses, NRA Basic Courses, all available for civilians, military, law enforcement, and other high-level agencies.  Our courses satisfy requirements to obtain permits and various certifications.  Personalized range instruction also available for all skill levels.

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Colleges & Universities has exclusive programs, which can be customized to your facility and curriculum.  Decrease your assault statistics by training students to implement necessary personal protection strategies and realistic tools.  Increase your student enrollment by establishing an

on-campus program, in which facilitiates parents in feeling confident their child will be safe at school.  Programs can be designed for entire campus, sports teams, or student organizations.

[ Campus Safety / Student Tools / Healthy Relationships / Sports Team SMART Training ]




Team building range events, personal safety and empowerment training, and company incident drills/scenarios.  Specific safety programs available for traveling staff, and for associates with varied shifts, including evenings.  Strategic and customized training for companies with increased risk for potential on-site incidents and also for those located in high-risk crime areas.  Active Shooter risk is increasing and is a true concern, which should be taken seriously.  As trusted workplace environments, doing due diligence in creating action plans for potential criminal threats, etc. is now a priority most businesses are incorporating into their staff training.  GirlOnFire has former FBI, Military, Air Force Special Forces, etc. who have experienced on-the-ground training.  Our approach is comprehensive and effective.

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Proven Marksmanship and Firearms Training Programs and Consulting Services offered to security organizations, law enforcement, and other high-level agencies.  Firearms Training Software, On-site Instructor Training and other successful techniques and tools can be incorporated into existing training programs, resulting in an increase in consistency of passing and exceeding qualifications and department requirements. Hiring our skilled team for training brings your team to a higher-level. Former FBI, SWAT, Green Beret, Snipers... all certified instructors coming together offering  a unique and effective platform which will eventually be adopted by more and more agencies resulting in decrease of excessive force, and other aftermath situations.

[ Marksmanship Training / Fundamentals / Customized Training for Standard Issue / LEOSA]


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