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Domestic Violence Information & Resources

Do something every day that makes you feel unbreakable.  Christina Rasmussen


It is going to take MEN and WOMEN coming together to eliminate our growing social issues with Domestic Abuse and general crime and violence.  Through EDUCATION and TRAINING, we can make a significant difference.  Our power can be easily taken away by circumstances, crimes, campus assaults, abuse, stalkers, co-workers/bosses, and significant others. Protect yourself, your friends and family, or your team by giving them the gift of personal safety training.


Learn some of the following strategies & tools: 

-  How to use technology as smart safety solutions. 


-  Intuition, how to recognize it and listen to it.


-  Common mistakes people make that    

    jeopardize their safety.  


-  Small changes you can make to your everyday

   habits that can save your life. 


-  Practical defensive tools and techniques.  


-  Items to carry in your hand daily.  

-  Understanding criminal cues to determine if

   someone is a potential threat.


-  The dynamics of Domestic Abuse.  How to avoid    

    becoming a victim or developing an escape strategy 

    if you are currently in a high-risk situation.  


-  How to avoid escalation which could lead to  

    becoming an offender. 

                                ...and more.




Training can potentially save you or someone you know.  Join the GirlOnFire movement and let's make a difference and decrease the statistics.

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